Friday, 2 December 2016

What Next.

Today, I booked another London ‘Mostly David Ephgrave’ date for 30th January next year.

I decided to go for the Etcetera Theatre this time, as it’s a great space to play and has a projector rigged too. It all works out quite well, as the date falls nicely between now and my show at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February, and gives me another chance to invite industry people to see it in London. It would be nice to get some interest and support out of it, before I start getting my head around what my new show will be; I’m bored of doing everything by myself.

This always seems to be my approach when I panic about what to do next: I book in other dates and plan new things to do. It’s not a bad by-product of my uncertainty, as it keeps the ball rolling, but the downside is I sometimes end up putting too much in the diary. I just want a few more people in the business see what I think is a good show - in a good room - before I put it to bed.

The other thing I’m on the case with is booking acts for the New Year’s Mostly Comedy dates, which are creeping up stealthily. December and January’s shows are close to selling out, which is great, and March’s two Hitchin and Letchworth shows are up and running, but - as ever - I’m trying to get a few exciting surprises to keep things interesting, plus, the sooner all the line-ups are put together, the sooner I can relax and get on with other things.

March’s début at the soon-to-be opened Broadway Theatre is an exciting departure for the club, as it will be the biggest capacity of a Mostly Comedy event yet (400 seats), plus it will allow us to present a slightly more polished theatre version of the usual affair. It’s should sit nicely in a theatre, particularly as we have such a strong line-up, with Arthur Smith and Norman Lovett joining us on the bill, who should also appeal to a more traditional theatre / comedy audience. It will stylish start to what will hopefully become a semi-regular event.

Anyway, I’m bored of talking about all this admin. I’ll sign off for today. In the meantime, if you have an interest in any of the above shows I’ve been blabbering about, get booking; they all on sale, save my Etcetera show, which will be up and running very soon. I’m expecting a Christmas rush; I’m nothing if not optimistic.

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