Sunday, 4 December 2016


I had the most glorious, inspiring night tonight, watching a recording of The Missing Hancocks at BBC Broadcasting House. 

I was there, thanks to the kindness of Kevin Eldon (AKA Bill Kerr), who snuck me in under his metaphorical jacket. I sent him a text on a whim when I saw they were making another series and he put me and my wife on the guest list. I'm so grateful that he did, as I'm a huge Hancock fan - and often lament to myself that I'd never get the chance to experience the real thing, thanks to being born twenty-four years too late; Damn my parents and their reluctance to procreate. 

I can't state enough just how good tonight was. It was inspiring to see such a great cast get their mitts on a fantastic pair of scripts and nail them so perfectly. If it weren't for the half century that's passed, you could be fooled into thinking every member of the original ensemble was performing there before you, though their faces may have changed. It's testament to the quality of the writing (which I think is time and again some of the best sitcom comedy to exist), that punchlines written so long ago still land so effectively; the project is clearly a labour of love for producer Neil Pearson and lead performer and Hancock super-fan Kevin McNally. Being there tonight brought me as close as I ever can to the fantasy of seeing the real thing, other than if I were in it; now that really would be a dream come true. 

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