Tuesday, 27 December 2016

University Challenged at Christmas (8): Semi-Final One (27.12.16)

Tonight was notable for two reasons: (1) I managed to watch and tweet along to the University Challenge Christmas special, which I keep missing and not doing ‘live’ over the last few days, and (2) for the debate that kicked off regarding the beasts on Paul Ross’ shirt.

On first glance, I was certain his outfit was covered in rams, but soon found out they were actually dogs, which was a shock to the system, as I’d never had difficulty distinguishing between the two species in the past. How will I ever be able to trust my own instincts again, when I so clearly made such a grave misstep tonight? How often to I get my creatures mixed up? Thank God I’m not a veterinary surgeon, or I’d be responsible for some terrible, terrible things.

See below for my tweets and for the clothing debate; enjoy.

Kent Vs. Leeds (27.12.16)
7:31pm: Paul Ross: such a Kent.

7:33pm: Shiulie Ghosh isn't gauche.

7:37pm: Paul Ross' shirt has a 'Ram On' it.

7:38pm: Deep Blue...something?

7:39pm: Wasn't Any Human Heart a song by Cilla Black?

7:41pm: "It's bottom, or buttocks." - Jeremy Paxman (2016)


Oh Lord...now you've made me doubt (Doughty) everything.

7:45pm: Leeds' Bell looks like a weather-aged Noel Edmonds.


To me, it looks like a ram with a bulldog-like stance.

7:49pm: Unger-Hamilton came as an angora Dennis the Menace.

7:51pm: I think we have an answer to the #UniversityChallenge Paul Ross Ram / Pug / Bulldog Debate.

7:52pm: Sidney, of Sydney Opera House fame.

Thank you. Appropriately for tonight's show, 'ram with a bulldog-like stance' sounds like a dinosaur name translation.

7:55pm: Roger Tiling bloody loves his job. He bloody loves it.

7:57pm: Jeremy Paxman, irritated about his tardy dinner: "Come on. Let's have it, please".

7:59pm: Someone needs to tell Tiling his mic will pick him up perfectly.

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