Monday, 5 December 2016

University Challenged: Volume Sixteen (05.12.16)

One of the downsides to regularly tweeting about University Challenge is whenever there’s a returning team, I can never remember if I I've done the same jokes twice.

I suppose you could at least argue that I’m consistent; my opinions are my opinions and those opinions seldom change. Particularly when they’re related to that legend of this year’s showdowns: Eric Monkman. The man’s a beauty of a contestant, who ticks all the right boxes (which are all marked “Is he / she weird?”).

See below for this evening’s commentary; if it resembles previous material, I’m sorry - but what can I do when it comes from the same inspiration?

Wolfson Cambridge Vs. Jesus Cambridge.
8:02pm: Do you remember when Paxman's hair looked like Wendy Craig's at the beginning of the series? MEMORIES.

8:03pm: Monkman's back. YES.

8:03pm: Morris Clarke: the missing Osmond.

8:06pm: Every second Monkman's not on #UniversityChallenge is spent combing lard into his hair.

8:08pm: "Jesus!". Fairbrother's parents, when he got back from the barbers'.

8:09pm: Jesus' Morris Clarke is too comfortable in his own skin for a man wearing that type of shirt.

8:10pm: Fairbrother is Bob Mortimer's son in House of Fools.

8:12pm: Monkman used to be in Talking Heads.

8:12pm: Every time the camera zooms in on Monkman, I laugh.

8:13pm: Chaudhri owns a van for kidnapping.

8:16pm: Morris Clarke in panto.

8:19pm: Monkman has struggled to earn a living since the bottom fell out of the VHS market.

8:21pm: Chaudhri and Cosgrove should stage a smug-off.

8:22pm: Monkman and Fairbrother's parents share the same brand of bowl.

8:23pm: Paxman said "Masticate". Who could ask for anything more?

8:24pm: Jesus have a cock as a mascot. Appropriate.

8:25pm: Roger Tilling is easily pleased.

8:26pm: Stare through Morris Clarke's shirt and you'll see a dolphin.

8:27pm: Wolfson Cambridge display the various stages of hair loss.

8:29pm: Morris Clarke. Flamboyant.

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