Friday, 23 December 2016

University Challenged at Christmas (4) (22.12.16)

In years to come, when the BBC have long deleted the current Christmas series of University Challenge - in the same way they did with all those early Hancock’s Half Hours and Doctor Whos - my blog will stand as a testament.

How else will we remember the barbed witticism Paxman made at Dom Joly’s expense, or which contestant correctly identified a smaller type of harpsichord as a spinet? I’m providing a vital service by documenting some of our country’s finest quiz-show output; transcribing events as they happen (or at least as they occur in a pre-recorded programme when it airs). I’m like a shit Samuel Pepys.

See below for tonight’s tweets; you’ll thank me one day.

SOAS - London Vs. Leeds (22.12.16)

7:32pm: Paxo's autobiography (if he hasn't already written one) will be called Fulfilling Contractual Obligations Grudgingly.

7:33pm: Warren's turning Japanese (he really thinks so).

7:34pm: Cultural Commentator isn't a job.

7:35pm: I long for the day when a camera films my unsmiling face while Jeremy Paxman summarises my life and career.

7:39pm: I'm distinguished by my segmented exoskeleton too.

7:41pm: Upland bird, she's been living in her upland world. As long as anyone with upland can. And now she's looking for...etc

7:42pm: "Ah ah, Mr Wilson. Ah ah, Mr Heath...”

7:47pm: "What? I'm appearing on #UniversityChallenge. What? No, it's rubbish..." 

7:48pm: Those major / minor piano parts were recorded by Les Dawson.

7:49pm: *Dom Joly's warm personality*

7:50pm: Doughty doubts it.

7:52pm: ...never has anyone said 'Ho ho ho' so emotionlessly.

7:55pm: Roger Tiling is as enthusiastic about names as Alan Dedicoat is about numbers.

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