Saturday, 10 December 2016

Busy Doing Nowt.

The downside to writing a blog every day is when you haven’t been up to much you don’t have anything to report.

I really wanted to get on with some writing, but it didn’t happen, mainly because I started too late. There’s not much point in trying once you get to the afternoon, as you don’t have the sharpness of mind to see it through. It’s not so much that I need to necessarily write stuff from scratch - I’m talking about stand-up material here - as remembering what I’ve already written blogs about already that might be of use. I’ll often stumble across some note or other that’ll remind me of something I wrote before that might work in a live context; it’s just hard to keep hold of these thoughts for long.

(Thankfully, I have six notepads full of ideas and reminders to work through, though the only snag today was that five of them were at the office and I didn’t have time to go and get them.)

One thing I did do was eat a lot of biscuits. I’m awful for this. I should really keep it in check, as I’ve recently put on weight - and ironically, there’s nothing like getting fatter for making you comfort eat.

Another thing I did today was misread the following on Twitter:

What I thought it said was ‘Kanye West has gone blind’ which made me question what crazy thing he'd been up now to bring this on; I know he’s got a reputation for being reckless, but surely he wouldn’t purposely detach his retina; these male rappers are crazy crazy chaps.

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