Thursday, 15 December 2016

Mostly Done and Dusted.

Tonight saw the last Hitchin Mostly Comedy of 2016, which all in all, was a good way to round things off.

Me, tonight.
We’ve come to the end of our first year at the Sun Hotel, and I now think it’s safe to say our move to the venue has been a success. While the Market Theatre was a lovely space to play and certainly enabled the club to grow, the move to The Sun was the best thing that could happen for us. It enabled us to increase capacity by just enough to make a real difference to how the event runs financially, giving us more of a budget to book bigger acts. The move also relinquished us from the responsibility of having to staff the entire theatre for the night - including the two bars and Front of House - which was a drain on both our finances and our time. Now, we can just concentrate on our tech and door staff, which is of more direct benefit to us - particularly when the theatre wasn't always that accommodating in the first place.

Sean Hughes, tonight.
Despite the fact tonight’s show was good, neither of us were particularly in the mood for the gig when we met in this afternoon to set up. It was probably that ‘end of the year' feeling more than anything, plus we’ve had so little time together to be able to work up anything new.

When it came to it, we needn’t have worried. Our material went well, and Luke Benson and Sean Hughes were well-received. I tried out a tiny bit of new solo material as well that has legs (not literally), as well as recycling a piece from my first show ‘…and Ephgrave’ that I hadn’t touched since last summer, which still has potential. I’m glad I went ahead with my solo set, as I wasn’t sure if I was going to put myself through it, having not had much time to really think it through, but as ever, it’s best to try something in the open than spending too long over-thinking it. If nothing else, I’ve broken the seal on writing a new show; there’s something pleasing psychologically about having done this before the year’s up; if I can just come up with another fifty-five minutes worth, I should be all right.

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