Sunday, 18 December 2016

Strictly Come Tweeting: Week Thirteen (17.12.16)

I find it worrying, looking back on my Twitter feed, that I managed to post a tweet for nearly every minute of tonight’s final of Strictly Come Dancing.

I was in the strange position this year (as I mentioned at 8:17pm) of liking all the celebrities left in the competition and consequently, not really minding who won, as long as Jay from The Wanted didn’t find a way of sneaking into the studio unnoticed to become eligible to participate for a time; I really didn’t like that man.

Unsurprisingly, they all put in great performances, so it could have gone any way. I expected Danny Mac to win, as he was the most consistent and perhaps the best dancer technically, but also had a soft spot for Louise (and an even softer spot for her partner Kevin from Grimsby). When Tess Daly announced Ore was the champion, I was surprised but not disappointed (as I said at 8:50pm), as he’s a great performer, and someone I’d warmed to, despite finding him irritating on BBC Breakfast; I’m a judgemental chap when it comes down to it.

See below for the many, many tweets I posted tonight; brace yourself...

6:40pm: ...such a shit trophy though.

6:41pm: My money's on Will.

6:42pm: You'd never be able to fit the trophy on your mantelpiece though.

6:43pm: It's all gone a bit ITV.

6:45pm: Idea for beginning of this week's #Strictly: how about we lower the finalists into the studio on massive glittery rings? Can we cost this up?

6:46pm: I had four months of blood once. I don't want to talk about it.

6:48pm: The glitterball trophy was made in the Blue Peter studio.

6:50pm: Idea for a gameshow: Which one's Joanne and which one's Ore's wife?

6:53pm: Ore and Joanne's Singin' in the Rain routine was perhaps my favourite dance of the series, if you're interested.

6:54pm: I'm using the bit where the judges are talking to fill up the tumble dryer, so you know.

6:59pm: "The judges chose Louise's cha-cha" sounds filthy.

7:01pm: 'What a Feeling'; drowning in a sea of Eighties.

7:04pm: Anne Boleyn was well-executed too. (Too soon?).

7:06pm: Ed Balls. Back on the telly. YES.

7:09pm: There's something pleasing about seeing someone with a cockney accent like Len's sitting on a throne.

7:12pm: Let's not forget that the studio #Strictly is filmed in was also the interior of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

7:15pm: "Will the judges please move their cars from the car park" ; an unused Alan Dedicoat v/o.

7:18pm: Claudia Winkleman always looks like she's sucking a sour sweet.

7:20pm: Love a bit of Gershwin.

7:21pm: The different-sized drum podiums are making me think of the graphics from Going for Gold.

7:30pm: Surely every moment is one moment in time.

7:33pm: The main reason I could never go on #Strictly is I don't have the strength to lift another human being.

7:36pm: Danny Mac's baseball cap: *shakes fist at the air*.

7:39pm: Please, please, please. Don't try to jump through a mirror at home.

7:41pm: "Come on, Tim."

7:53pm: Ore to Joanne: "Ooooh...she's nicer than my wife." 

7:55pm: Ore's wife had to miss her SATS exams to be in the studio today (this tweet would work if it wasn't the weekend).

7:58pm: "You and I...are going to wrap our lovin' arms all around the world..."

8:02pm: "Don't cry for me Argentinetango".

8:07pm: If anyone else says "smash it", I'll smash my bloody head in.

8:09pm: I suspect Danny Mac wears his samba outfit when he's lounging around the house.

8:12pm: I'm a little bit in love with Oti. She seems like she's a lot of fun and she's bloody good.

8:14pm: 10.10.10. Danny and Oti's final score was binary.

8:15pm: "Please don't vote if you're watching on remand."

8:17pm: I like all of this year's #Strictly finalists; what the hell's going on?

8:21pm: "I won't dance. Don't ask me". Me, at every wedding.

8:28pm: Len's finishing #Strictly to go to C4 for next year's Bake Off.

8:29pm: Len. Bless 'im.

8:35pm: Ed Balls.

8:40pm: Naga Munchetty never did that lift with Charlie Stayt.

8:42pm: .@glyndoggett will like the final dance, if only for the Spice Girls / S Club 7 songs. Christ.

8:48pm: Bruno looks like he's wearing his jacket inside out in the talking heads bit.

8:50pm: Kind of surprised, but not at all disappointed, for Singin' in the Rain if nothing else.

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