Wednesday, 21 December 2016

University Challenged at Christmas (2) (20.12.16)

I was in the strange position of seeing someone I knew on tonight’s festive University Challenge.

The second installment in the Christmas series to feature familiar ex-students competing saw Kent and Sussex lock antlers, with the comic Hattie Hayridge taking part on the latter side. Hattie has played Mostly Comedy a couple of times and is a lovely person, so there was no chance of me teasing her on Twitter, but this didn’t stop me mocking some of the other contestants; it seems I can’t help myself.

Here’s what I posted on Twitter tonight; it probably reads best if you’d watched the show.

Kent Vs. Sussex (20.12.16)

7:31pm: Paxman has no concept of jolly.

7:35pm: "Hello, I'm Tim O'Shea."

7:37pm: ...we like Hattie Hayridge. #MostlyComedy

7:38pm: I'm enjoying Paul Ross' Eggheads-style answer explanations.

7:39pm: ...I'll show you my Ben Johnson.

7:40pm: I posted this next tweet yesterday too but...

7:41pm: Jeremy Paxman should release an aftershave called Resentment.

7:42pm: Jeremy Paxman feels disdain for the rest of humanity.

7:43pm: Imagine unwrapping a Christmas present from Paxman while he watched.


7:44pm: ...Angus' roots.

7:45pm: But was it called Four Candles or Fork Handles?

7:49pm: Plastic Bertrand Ono Band.

7:51pm: Murnaghan just inadvertently revealed his drug-of-choice. "Skunk?"

7:52pm: Charles Dibdin and Dibbedout.

7:53pm: Adam North By Northwest.

7:54pm: Dermot Murnaghan should have known who played the egghead.

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