Tuesday, 27 December 2016

University Challenged at Christmas (7) (26.12.16)

Today sees another Twitter summary - this time on yesterday’s festive edition of University Challenge - that was posted without the use of the aforementioned social media site, due to missing the episode’s broadcast.

See below for what I'd have cattily posted, had I been watching the show when it went out (which is ironic, as it was compiled whilst cuddling and fussing over a neighbour’s ridiculous cat).

How’s that for a back-story? 

Bristol Vs. Nottingham (26.12.16)

6:22pm: When it's cold, Kate prefers to sleep with the Quilton. 
6:24pm: Hawkins looks like he’s enjoyed the odd Early Breakfast. 
6:25pm: Spalding's sporting a Murray mint necklace. 
6:26: “You stunted fir”: a great insult. 
6:27pm: I enjoyed Hutton's evil post- Frankenstein laugh. 
6:28pm: Krestovnikoff / Krestovnikon. 
6:29pm: This show's a lot less fun with real, well-rounded adults.
6:30pm: The answer’s Pet Sounds. 
6:31pm: Bob Dylan. Blonde on Blonde. 
6:31pm: It’s by Simon and Garfunkel; I don't know the album title.
6:32pm: It’s The Beatles’ Revolver. How could Tomorrow Never Knows be on a pop album like A Hard Day’s Night? Ridiculous.
6:32pm: “’Cos I’m the Paxman. Yeah, I’m the Paxman…and you’re working for no-one but the BBC.”
6:35pm Which impressionist? Rory Bremner?
6:36pm: Monet Monet Monet.
6:36pm: Thunderbyrds Are Go! with the rock band The Byrds.
6:36pm: Joe 90
6:37pm: Something in the early 60s.
6:38pm: Clearly Captain Scarlet; I know my Supermarionation.
6:40pm: If Hutton listened to Myerson, rather than plainly blanking her, they’d do better.
6:40pm: Hutton’s a rude dick.
6:45pm: That's clearly Edinburgh. 
6:46pm: Paxman, chastising a late dinner: “Come on. Let's have it, please”.
6:47pm: Hutton’s more rudely dismissive than Paxman.

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