Friday, 30 December 2016

University Challenged at Christmas (10): Grand Final (29.12.16)

All good things must come to an end; so it was for the 1970s Briers / Kendal vehicle ‘The Good Life’, for the Libyan revolutionary Colonel Gaddafi (say it out loud), for the lesser-known Nelly Furtado song and for this year’s Christmas University Challenge.

Where will we be without my daily written commentary? Where would be, indeed. Well, essentially we'd be in the same position as we are now, only with five hours of my time and whatever-time-matches-your-reading-speed better off. Still, it kept you busy for a bit and it kept me off the street.

See below for my coverage of the final between St Hilda’s Oxford and Leeds. After that, your time’s your own. Use it wisely, my friend(s).

Leeds Vs. St Hilda's Oxford (29.12.16)
7:30pm: It's the Final (#UniversityChallenge) Countdown. 

7:31pm: Ahmed looks like a Jeff Goldblum / my-friend-Ash hybrid.

7:32 Steve Bell is what would happen if Robert Palmer swallowed Noel Edmonds.

7:33pm Daisy Dunn looks like a girl I went to college with. Just sayin'. 

7:33pm: Daisy Dunn sounds like a sex symbol in a 70s US cop drama. 

7:34pm: "Daisy Dunn Dunn, Daisy Daisy Dunn Dunn". (Sung to the tune of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

7:35pm: A round on gaps and pauses should really have a question about Pinter.  

7:36pm: Ahmed is a picture of comfortableness and self-assurance. 

7:37pm: I had my actinides taken out to ease my sinuses. 

7:39pm: Think-tank? No; too many characters. Kitchen sink? Nope. Bugger, it's 'Kitchen' (I was so close.) 

7:40pm: I like words: I know at least ten of them (count). 

7:41pm: Caldicott, you're a psychiatrist. You should know this. 

7:44pm: "A poll of leading conductors". Surely all conductors lead?

7:46pm: I liked Bell when he wore twee jumpers whilst hosting Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. 

7:47pm: I should have known the Caryl Churchill one. 

7:48pm: Unger-Hamilton was Graham Coxon in a past life.

7:49pm: "I have a dream"; I knew the answer. 

7:49pm: “Sans teeth, Sans eyes, Sans everything”. I missed “taste”: I'm tasteless. 

7:53pm: We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel? Nope.

7:55pm: Special mention to the constantly rotating University Challenge Gobo lighting effect; I've noticed. 

7:57pm: “Pater”. I knew this. 

7:58pm: Ah, the awkward 'making them all stand at the end' bit. 

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