Saturday, 24 December 2016

University Challenged at Christmas (5) (23.12.16)

While I missed yesterday’s University Challenge, the completest in me couldn’t leave it at that.

You can’t tweet along to every other show in the Christmas series and leave one out; well, you can’t if you’re me. So instead, I decided to watch it on iPlayer, documenting what I would have blurted on Twitter had I seen it when it went out. See below for what might have been...

Edinburgh Vs. St Catharine's - Cambridge (23.12.16)
7:01pm: The university of Clark Kent. 

7:02pm: The name Cockburn: no comment. 

7:04pm: Next to these people, I've achieved ZILCH.

7:04pm: Ears.

7:06pm: "Teaching fellow,” as in "Teaching chap"?

7:06pm: Wothers Originals.

7:07pm: I had a Stirling Cockburn once; my GP referred me to a specialist, because it hurt when I Pidd.

7:08pm: I said Chrysler Building too; I'm a genius. 

7:09pm: The red mark on the French map looks like a Gorbachev tribute.

7:12pm: "Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred…” Rent fans.

7:13pm: Manchester? London surely
7:14pm: Fezziwig wasn't fuzzy, was he?

7:14pm: Hot piss.

7:15pm: That sounded like Grieg, arranged for orchestra hit.

7:16pm: Roger Tiling decorated the studio tree while Jeremy Paxman looked on disdainfully.

7:18pm: Paxo's in far too good a mood for my liking. 

7:21pm: The answer's Brecht; again, I'm a genius.

7:22pm: John Houston, we have a problem. 

7:23pm: That's Susan Hill and The Woman in Black. Not funny, just fact. 

7:24pm: If this is Confucius, am I confusing you?
7:25pm: Wothers is a poor man's Henning Wehn. 

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