Thursday, 15 December 2016

Past My Bedtime.

Today, I’m feeling the tiredness of a person who had very little sleep last night.

To be fair, I kind of brought it on myself. While I had Mostly Comedy yesterday, I actually didn’t get home that late - say about 1am - but after staying up to write my blog over a cup of tea and a cuddle from the cat, one thing led to another and it was suddenly pushing 3am and I still hadn’t gone to bed.

The thing is, I don’t like to go to bed straight away after coming in from a show. I’m usually too wired to sleep, so purposely stay up to unwind for a bit with a book or by watching an episode of The Simpsons; it’s important to have some down time, rather than just rushing from one thing to the next.

Today, I’ve been paying for my stupidly late night. So, I won’t stay up too long now writing this. I cancelled my plans to meet a friend in London, as I knew I wouldn’t be exactly sparkling company, which was a shame, but we’ll hopefully reschedule for next week. It’s always best to not do too much the day after a Mostly anyway, as it doesn’t seem to matter what time you get to bed, you always suffer from post-Mostly fatigue; it helps not to go to bed before sunrise though; that's my little tip.

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