Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday Ramblings.

Today was a busy day of jumping from one thing to another, but ended up being productive nevertheless.

I started the day feeling quite negative and overwhelmed by the situation I’m in work-wise at the moment and the things I need to do. If I allow myself to frame things negatively - which I’m prone to - there’s a sense that nothing’s changing and that aspects of my career are stagnating and won’t improve. Cast the net too widely and you can give yourself the distorted view that everyone else is better off than you; Facebook is a huge culprit in feeding this, which is why I try to keep my distance when I’m not at my best.

Thankfully, a meeting this morning helped me vent my frustrations and reminded me of the good things that have happened recently that I’d forgotten. I came away invigorated and with a greater sense of purpose once I’d cleared the mental fug I’d woken up in.

As I left, I picked up a message from my friend Sarah suggesting we meet for lunch, which was perfectly timed. I popped to the office to send a few emails before heading for the bakery around the corner to join her. The only fly in the ointment to this was it was late enough in the day for all of the veggie options to be sold out, so I had to make do with a cookie in place of a proper meal - but being the martyr I am, I soldiered on.

The afternoon was split between chasing acts for Mostly Comedy, doing some personal admin and visiting the chemists in a (failed) attempt to pick up a prescription. Right at the close of play, I received an email from an agent regarding an act we’ve been trying to get at Mostly Comedy for years, that they might say yes. If they do, it would be another big coup for the club. With a bit of luck they’ll confirm tomorrow; I have my fingers firmly crossed.

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