Monday, 26 December 2016

Strictly Come Christmas.

So, once again, Christmas has come and gone, bringing mountains of food with it.

While I ended up missing most of the Chrimbo telly, I did manage to catch the Strictly special, which made for an enjoyable break from my one-man mission to bring on obesity. As ever, I tweeted along with proceedings. See below for he gritty details.
6:51pm: I bet this is prerecorded.

6:53pm: Another trophy made in the Blue Peter studio.

6:55pm: What you don't realise is they took the Christmas tree to that care home in August.

6:56pm: Neckless Harriott.

6:57pm: Ainsley's medication has just kicked in.

6:58pm: Ainsley Harriott: never has a celeb warranted a "You came out" from Len Goodman.

6:59pm: Craig got the short straw when it came to costumes.

7:01pm: Pigs in Blankets: "Comedy".

7:05pm: Gethin has good posture...but what do I know?

7:07pm: Gethin's outfit reminds me of @glyndoggett as Buttons.

7:09pm: "@glyndoggett was thinking that same thing." They must have been so confused, the poor old dears. "But I'm sure it's Summer." "No, Phyllis. It ISN'T."

7:10pm: "I love a choir at Christmas." Tess Daly couldn't have sounded more insincere...and that's saying something.

7:13pm: Pamela Stephenson came from the same egg as Monty Python's Carol Cleveland.

7:15pm: ...Darcey Bussell's aged.

7:17pm: I don't have the heart to tell my mum her TV's on the wrong aspect ratio.

7:19pm: Loving Craig Revel Horwood's blond highlights in the flashbacks.

7:21pm: The plus side to my mum having her telly on the wrong aspect ratio is it makes Anton du Beke's face look less long.

7:23pm: Anton's hair dye is the same colour as a Heather Mills-era Macca.

7:32pm: I'm compact and perky too.

7:33pm: Tess loves a happy ending; INSERT YOUR OWN PUNCHLINE HERE.

7:33pm: Perfect 10 (like the song).

7:35pm: They should have got @gempoole to write the script for this; she's a dab hand at cheese jokes.

7:37pm: Frozen came out before I was born.

7:38pm: 'Deep Freeze: some things are better left FROZEN'

7:40pm: That song reiterated to me that I needn't watch Frozen, ever.

7:41pm: I've got a seamless exit.

7:44pm: I do love Ainsley's Harriott, but there's a definite shade of Fester Addams about him.

7:45pm: Tess Daly's hair is the same colour as her face.

7:47pm: Admiring the sparkly wedge Matt Goss is using for foldback.

7:49pm: Why did they paint on Ainsley's mask?

7:54pm: I missed the dance that won as I was in the loo.

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