Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hell to Pay.

Today I had the embarrassing experience of not realising I didn’t have my wallet with me whilst shopping at the supermarket until I after I’d scanned everything at the self-service checkout.

To make things worse, I only had twenty minutes before the shop was set to close, which wasn’t long enough to walk back home to get it. In the end, my wife came to my rescue; driving down with it, while I stood in the foyer like a gimp. I’ve never felt more conspicuous; I may as well have held up a sign with the word ‘INEPT’ emblazoned on it; I’m amazed I can even dress myself.

Even though we live five minutes away, the time it took my wife to arrive felt like an eternity, purely due to my embarrassment. Each person who came up to the checkout gave me a strange look, as if they couldn’t for the life of them work out while I was standing there, all uncomfortable, with my unpaid for shopping at my feet, Thankfully it wasn’t too busy at the tills, or a massive queue might have formed behind me as I phoned home. I’m amazed this hadn't happened to me before.

After I’d been saved from my shopping embarrassment, I walked down to the office to do some work, which included returning a call to Henning Wehn about gigs and running tomorrow’s set. At least by this stage, the most embarrassing part of the day had long passed; sometimes, I’m such a dick.

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