Thursday, 1 December 2016

What Next?

Today, I finished registering the dates I’ll be doing on the Brighton Fringe next year.

(A foretelling of what's to come next year.)

I’ve billed the show ‘David Ephgrave: All Work, No Progress’, with the caveat that this time it will be unfinished business; I decided to give myself less pressure to present a completed entity so early in the year, rather than expect too much too soon. Then, should I venture Edinburgh-wards in August, I’ll have a few months to work up whatever I have by May into something more polished.

The title sadly feels like a statement of where I'm currently at. I’m feeling a little frustrated after my London dates, what with the cost incurred and the lack of a paying audience to counteract it. If you want signpost your perceived unpopularity, put together a show with your name in the title and let things unfold from there. I’m being melodramatic; things aren't really as bad as all that. I’d just like to get more of an industry turn-out, and the encouragement from this to help me look ahead at what to do next.

This morning I found myself wondering whether I should book another performance of my current show somewhere, between now and when I do it at the Leicester Festival in February. The main reason would be to encourage the industry people who’ve said they’d like to see me along, but it’s hard to consider this when I have such little money and feel I’ve exhausted any potential additional audience. The catch-22 is I’d like someone to help me promote what I do, but need to do it more often to be able to find someone to do it - and every time I book another date, there’s no guarantee the people I’d like to see me will be available; it’s a shake your fist at the sky situation, but then it always is.

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