Monday, 9 October 2017

University Challenged 2017/18: Week Twelve (09.10.17)

Tonight's was a pretty typical episode of University Challenge, with the normal goings on a a quiz show feature two teams trying desperately trying to prove their high-end education was worth their presumably high fees.

I shall keep my summary here tonight brief as I'm suffering from very-nearly-falling-asleep territory, other than today "See below for my tweets collated into one handy online document"; you can't say fairer than that.

St Andrews Vs. St John's - Cambridge (09.10.17)

8:02PM: St Andrew's Davies was created specifically for #UniversityChallenge in a petri dish.

8:03PM: Where do they find these people? Oh...Cambridge.

8:05PM: Wasn't one of those St Andrews studying divinity? Speak to Devine-Stoneman in the other team.

8:08PM: I'd like to do a study on how many people wear roll-necks under jackets in everyday life, compared to contestants on #UniversityChallenge

8:10PM: Leighton's like a weird Graham Linehan.

8:10PM: That's not hair on Leighton's head, it's pelt.

8:11PM: That's LORD Sugar to you (because he's a dick).

8:12PM: McKeown would put you in your place.

8:12PM: Is McKeown a dominatrix?
8:13PM: *Mental image of Jeremy Paxman in a gimp suit and McKeown brandishing a whip*
8:14PM: Grant celebrates a correct answer by having a little drink.

8:16PM: Idea for a revamp of Mary Poppins, with McKeown in the title role and Paxman as Bert.

8:16PM: The name Devine-Stoneman was coined by a #UniversityChallenge Algorithm.

8:20PM:  McKeown could have tried a little harder to look like a pompous stereotype.

8:21PM: McKeown's channelling a secondary school drama teacher.

8:24PM: McKeown looks like she found her outfit from her nan's dressing-up box.

8:28PM: Leighton looks like one of those rubber faces you stick your fingers in the back of & make gurning expressions with.

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