Saturday, 21 October 2017

'Strictly Come Tweeting: Week Six' (21.10.17)

I would argue the biggest star of tonight’s Strictly was Anton du Beke’s outfit.

It certainly wasn’t a picture of subtlety, but that isn’t a quality you expect from du Beke at the best of times; least of all when he has to dance a samba. It may even have been a case of diversion tactics as, while his partner Ruth Langsford is definitely showing lots of improvement, a samba’s a tough call for celeb contestants at the best of times, with only the rumba being more of curse (unless you’re Debbie McGee as her dance tonight proved).

See below for tonight’s Twitter shenanigans from me; they’re best read while watching the show back on iPlayer; treat it a bit like watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

6:36PM: There'll be some tweets about #Strictly; I apologise in advance.

6:36PM: I had a minute and a half of pure happiness once; it's probably best we don't talk about it.

6:38PM: Picture Bruno in a cage, frothing at the mouth.

6:44PM: A barista stepping on a work surface; I can't see the #Strictly coffee shop getting a good hygiene rating for that.

6:47PM: “All we hear is (clap clap) Davood Ghadami…”

6:56PM: #Strictly Fact: Tess' presenting comes across as detached and emotionless because she's a hologram beamed into the studio.

6:57PM: Mollie and AJ coped excellently with the dropped bars in the music.

7:00PM: Bay City Rollers do Rupert the Bear do Charleston.

7:12PM: The night Paul & Debbie played @doggettephgrave's #MostlyComedy was our best gig by far...and they were both genuinely lovely.

7:17PM: I thought that was Brian's best dance, but I know nothing.

7:24PM: I'm going to put this out there - and I may have grossly misjudged it - but I bet @glyndoggett likes Little Mix.

7:34PM: Aston and Janette's routine was very pretty, but a little too contemporary dance for me.

7:39PM: Anton du Beke's outfit has justified every penny of our £147 TV Licence.

7:41PM: Looking at Anton's outfit is like staring at the Sun: inadvisable.

7:43PM: The nation turns down their TV contrast as one.

7:47PM: Gemma and Aljaž are dancing on top of the current Doctor Who credits.

7:55PM: The Paso / Sumo connection of Joe and Katya's VT was a little tenuous.

7:58PM: Joe has come disguised as Enrique Iglesias.

8:05PM: "Alexandra, your body doesn't stop moving"; like Homer?

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