Monday, 30 October 2017

University Challenged: Week Fifteen' (30.10.17)

Another week goes by and another episode of University Challenge goes out, and yet again, none of the contestants are Monkman.

The fact my most popular tweet during tonight’s show was a statement to that effect only serves to illustrate that the rest of the nation are with me on this subject; well, at least sixteen people are, at time of going to press. None of the people to pass through the studio to be dismissed disdainfully by the world’s rudest (and consequently,  most unprofessional) presenter have been Monkman since, well, the last time Monkman appeared on the programme himself, and that was at the tail end of the last series; I’m starting to wonder if his over-urgent facial expression and overly asymmetrical fringe will ever grace our screens again.

See below for the tweets I posted during tonight’s show:

Ulster Vs. St Anne's - Oxford. (30.10.17)

8:03PM: Milliken will murder you and store you in his lock-up.

8:05PM: I bet Roger Tilling's steeling himself to exclaim 'Chandrahohan'.

8:06PM: I like to exclaim "Soy" like Ulster's Sack (a sentence I never thought I'd type).

8:07PM: Milliken: because you would appear on #UniversityChallenge wearing a denim jacket.

8:10PM: Milliken will cut you a new smile.

8:11PM: Ulster Jack would like a presenting job.

8:12PM: Wasn't Ulster Jack a Spinal Tap musical?

8:13PM: McDaid is Angelos Epithemiou's dad.

8:14PM: CORRECTION: McDaid is Angelos Epithemiou's dad with a sprinkling of Paul O'Grady.

8:18PM: Oxford's silence is inspired by a "if you answer a question, you'll never see your families again" threat from Milliken

8:20PM: Ritchie has a severe case of Chimp Ear.


8:25PM: I particularly liked Milliken in Jurassic Park II.
8:29PM:         Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
(Jeremy Paxman's script.)

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