Thursday, 15 June 2017

"Heh Heh Heh Helection Half Hour."

Thursday morning’s a time I look forward to, as the episode of Hancock’s Half Hour that was broadcast that week becomes available to listen to on iPlayer, and consequently becomes the soundtrack to my bath. Today was no different, with this week’s instalment being the frighteningly appropriate ‘The Election Candidate'.

In the episode, Tony is convinced to stand for parliament as a celebrity candidate (*cough* Donald Trump *cough*) and while it’s definitely one of the best - though let’s face it, pretty much all programmes that exist have stood the test of time wonderfully - my favourite moment has to be when Hancock is asked who’ll he’ll vote for, before he’s convinced to through his own hat in the ring.

“Neither of them,” he replies. “I shall show my contempt by going down to the polling booth, taking my form, crossing both their names out and writing ‘get knotted’ in”.

(Some things never change.)

The episode was first broadcast nearly sixty years ago, but the general consensus is still pretty much the same. So many are disillusioned by what a potential MP can offer, or if they want to vote for them. Elections are also still heavily influenced by celebrity candidates and endorsements; the only thing different in real life is the lack of a tuba riff breaking up conversation.

Notwithstanding the topical nature of this week’s show, I’d heartily recommend delving into HHH if you’ve never listened to it. It’s a masterpiece in comic writing and performance that’s remarkably still so very relevant. You should join me for my Thursday morning ritual (though we're not sharing a bath). 

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