Saturday, 28 October 2017

'Strictly Come Tweeting: Week Seven' (28.10.17)

As often seems to be the case when Strictly has a theme week, things were a little anticlimactic for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some great moments - Debbie McGee’s terrific foxtrot for example, which was a joy to behold - but for the most part it was a little pedestrian; mainly in the instances when costumes didn’t match with the style of song a couple was dancing to. That said, those costumes, make-up and lighting were truly excellent, so gold stars all around.

As ever, I tweeted along like a childish teenager with nothing better to do; see below for what I said.

6:39PM: How many shit ghost-related puns will Tess Daly gurn her way through this evening?

6:45PM: What, Anton? No sleeves?

6:46PM: "Singer...and face of a brand of condoms, Aston Merrygold."

6:52PM: It's like Tess Daly's not there when she's there.

6:56PM: Janette's make-up reminds me of what my cat looks like when she re-emerges after jumping behind the sofa.

6:58PM: If Anton's in it, the theme should be BedKNOBs and Broomsticks.

7:01PM: Well, they could have dusted the judges' desk.

7:03PM: Why doesn't Alan Dedicoat do the same numerical facts with the judges' scores he does on the National Lottery?

7:06PM: Is that one of the tables from Kevin's Harry Potter dance a few years back?

7:08PM: Simon's come as Gaz Coombes this week.

7:09PM: I think Simon might lamp one of the judges.

7:13PM: Did they forget to put the back of Gemma's dress on?


7:16PM: Oh...the theme's Halloween...

7:17PM: I had a bit of a lumpy moment once.

7:21PM: Great lighting design again, for Joe and Katya's routine.

7:25PM: If the judges inadvertently give out my PIN, the next round's on me (my PIN is 8798).

7:29PM: AJ's on early tonight so he can go Trick or Treating afterwards (which would work if it actually was Halloween).

7:30PM: Sonia's not getting any PRS tonight.

7:34PM: We get Tess for a couple of hours each week; Vernon gets her for life.

7:47PM: At the risk of sounding wanky, I liked the concept of Davood and Nadiya's dance.

7:53PM: If the guitarist playing the solo on Killer Queen isn't using a sixpence as a plectrum, I'll overturn a trestle table in disgust.

7:56PM: Didn't the dragon shadows look good though? The design's so good.

8:03PM: Debbie's so bloody good.

8:04PM; Why has Giovanni's Frankenstein's monster got a mullet?
8:06PM: Debbie's the picture of versatility.

8:08PM: Panty Smile.

8:11PM: I've always said there's not enough dancing to Smells Like Teen Spirit on the telly. Always said it.

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