Tuesday, 24 October 2017

GBBO 2017: Week Nine (24.10.17)

The one plus-side to the fact I had to cancel my show at Leicester Square Theatre tonight due to the onset of my old foe labyrinthitis (damn my left inner-ear) was I was able to watch this week’s edition of the Bake Off when it went out.

I’d still rather have been doing my show, of course, but in reality I couldn’t; I had to abandon a run of it during the day as I felt like I was going to faint - and while I may just have been able to get through it at home, going into London with all my gear in tow when my head was all over the place would have been very difficult; I curse that fateful day back in 2010 when I was in the midst of doing Dreamboats and Petticoats, when the shittiest of shitty conditions first reared its ugly head.

While I enjoyed tonight’s GBBO instalment, I was sad to see another of my favourite bakers go, though to be fair, I’ve liked them all this series, with the exception of one (*cough* Sophie *cough*). As Mr Hollywood said himself, this week's results were a close-run thing, but it was still a shame Stacey had to leave one step before the final, when she came so very close to it.

As ever, I tweeted along with this evenings choux-pastry-and meringue shenanigans; see below for my pearls of wisdom (make of that what you will):

8:02PM: It's appropriate that tonight is the #GBBO semi-final, as Paul Hollywood gives me a semi.
8:03PM: A shoe bun.
8:05PM: Prue's got her ball-gag jewellery on again.
8:07PM: Sophie, twinned with COMPETITIVE.
8:13PM: Creme Pat.

8:21PM: Cheeky cheeky choux buns, tricking you that they're ready.
8:23PM: Stacey filled her choux buns with Play-Doh.
8:25PM: Why can't they make some Miss Saigon slices?
8:27PM: "I think this challenge plays to my strengths..." S M U G.
8:29PM: Surely Les Misérables slices should be Red and Black.
8:32PM: I hold my shape beautifully too.
8:41PM: I always preferred the film 'Flamingos in Love' over 'Women in Love' anyway.
8:41PM: "...a throwback from my ballet days." That makes sense.
8:42PM: SOPHIE: "I'm always surprising people." Sod off.
8:59PM: I shouldn't be this stressed about meringue. Meringue that was made weeks ago.
9:01PM: Does Prue realise she left her ball gag around her neck?
9:11PM: All the ones I like keep going, damn it (though I like them all really...bar one).

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