Monday, 23 October 2017

'University Challenged: Week Fourteen' (23.10.17)

Tonight’s University Challenge wasn’t particularly enthralling, if I’m honest.

It’s notable that one of my more popular tweets (whatever I mean by ‘popular’) during the broadcast was about my sadness at the lack of a Monkman in this series; despite there having been the odd - ‘odd’ being the operative word - amusing contestant, no one’s come along yet to steal Monkman’s throne; in fact, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone ever will.

I guess there’s still time. Until then, I’ll keep watching each week, in the hope someone funny crops up; I’m not entirely sure I’ve grasped what University Challenge is all about.

Merton - Oxford Vs. King's - London (23.10.17)

7:32PM: Thomas looks like an android.

7:33PM: "I'm reading for a masters in medieval studies". Useful.

7:33PM: I've got an average age of forty too.

7:34PM: Richard Senior is actually senior. Beautiful.

7:35PM: Oxford's Thomas is a Gerry Anderson Supermarionation creation.

7:37PM: Peplow's dressed in the standard #UniversityChallenge "round-necked sweater with a collar peeping over the neckline" uniform.

7:38PM: "Look at him". Which could apply to anyone.

7:40PM: I was discovered in a cave in ancient China too.

7:43PM: I'd like to blow on Peplow's fringe to make it ruffle.

7:44PM: Woodland is wearing a narrow waistcoat; such a very narrow waistcoat.

7:45PM: Even the old people didn't know it was Edwin Starr; this country.

7:47PM: God, I miss Monkman.

7:48PM: Wiberg's like a strange young Bill Murray.

7:48PM: Thomas, son of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

7:50PM: All right, who substituted the real Thomas with a Gerry Anderson marionette? Was it you? Did you do it?

7:54PM: Wasn't Thomas the vent in Educating Archie?

7:56PM: Imagine Merton Oxford's team in a Harvester; uncomfortableness abounds.

7:56PM: Wooburn Abbey, Jeremy? WOOOBURN?

7:57PM: Spearing and Woodland are staging a horrible-voice-off.

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