Thursday, 14 July 2016

Such a Lovely Place, Such a Lovely Face.

Tonight, I’m staying in a hotel with practically the same postcode as my flat, to mark my second wedding anniversary.

I should clarify that I’m not here on my own; my wife's with me too. It’s a nice, reasonably high-end place (despite being a Travelodge in a past life) with a generous balcony and some well-stocked tea and coffee-making facilities. It even has a walk-in wardrobe, in the sense that you could step in there should you so choose to, but you wouldn’t want to hang about.

It’s good to have a break from home. The only frustrating thing was we checked into our room five hours after it was available, because I had work to do for tomorrow and Saturday’s shows. I didn’t like being in my office, knowing I could have been in a nice hotel room that we’d paid for to have a little time to ourselves. This was unavoidable though, as the more I got done today, the better-prepared I’ll be tomorrow.

I’m very tired this evening, thanks to a late finish after last night’s gig and a long day today. Consequently, I’ll keep tonight’s post brief. One thing I will do before I go, is share a photo of me and a friend I made at dinner; she didn’t provide the most sparkling conversation, probably on account of having nothing from the shoulder blades downwards. 

"...and what do you do?"

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