Sunday, 10 July 2016

Spider in the Bath

 I was just about to extricate a spider from my bathroom using the classic postcard and glass technique, when it divebombed out of sight. 

It was like the eight-legged little feller was acting on military orders to avoid capture at all costs. Whether it had meant to fall from such a great height (on the wall, a few centimetres from the ceiling) the tactic worked as, at time of press, I haven't seen him wandering about. I'm happy to bide my time as, before long, I'll seem him. He can't live in a hidden damp, patch forever - or maybe he can; I don't know how these things work. 

The spider problem is fairly prevalent in our house; so much so that postcards are strewn about, in preparation for imminent threat. For some reason our ideal postcard of choice tends to be one of many the many A6 flyers from Doggett & Ephgrave shows; it's good to be able to put them for second use. *cough* Camden *chough* The downside is you get confronted by your own face a heck of a lot.

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