Monday, 18 July 2016

Hot Pit Pony.

Today is not the day to be lugging equipment into London, and yet here I am, lugging equipment into London. 

Thankfully, I've not got as much gear as I've been carrying on my last couple of trips, as the place I'm playing tonight has a proper technical set-up. Despite this, I've still probably got more on me than is strictly necessary, just in case something doesn't work along the line

To add to today's sweatbox situation, I'm currently on a train that's being held at Hitchin, due to a fire at King's Cross signal box, with no chance of us leaving until the signal box is restaffed. Thankfully, there's just the amount of aircon to save us from being cooked in our juices; frankly a relief, as we've already been here for twenty minutes. 

I did a quick run of my show this afternoon to aid tonight's performance, though I did it at a friend's flat for a change of scenery, as I'm cat-sitting for them this week. The cat gave nothing away as to her thoughts on my performance, but she has a naturally grumpy face, so it wouldn't be the fairest judgement.

Two minutes have past since my last-but-one paragraph and we're still at Hitchin Station. I hope we won't be here for much longer; I have to be at the theatre in time for a swift get-in at 6pm for a 6:30pm start. If we don't get a move on, that swift get-in will have to be all the swifter. At least I'm not carry a lot of equipment into...oh. 

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