Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monkey Mind.

Today, I've been a ball of anxiety, with the only relief being I ended the day with a good gig, which went some way towards reminding me that I'm vaguely capable of doing the thing I'm trying to do in the first place. 

I've been chasing my tail since I woke up; running out of time from the word go. I spent most of the morning printing out contracts for the venues I'm doing previews at, along with bank statements for a financial advisory appointment I have tomorrow morning, and ad-hoc flyers for my three shows this week, to take the place of the professional printing I'd ordered and since discovered won't arrive before the actual performances. You've got to love wasting money; it's good for the soul.

Frustratingly, I only managed to run the first half of my show before I had to go home and get ready to head into London for tonight's gig. There was a temporary respite this afternoon, however, when I met my friend Stephen for a coffee; you need the occasional break to retain your sanity. 

At least tonight's spot went well. I also had the chance to have a look at the venue's tech set-up as I'm doing a preview there on Saturday, so that's given me a bit of a headstart for then. All I need now is an audience. Phil Kay's sharing the bill, for Chrissakes: you wouldn't want to miss that. 

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