Friday, 29 July 2016

Water Poetic Night.

Shock! Horror! Tonight's preview had an audience!

It was so nice to perform to a roomful of people (stretching that definition a little) who were up for comedy and were there to enjoy it and have a good time (something it's easy to forget along the way). Their reaction was warm and inclusive and they were more than happy to go with me on the various twists and turns of a nearly-but-not-quite-actually-yet-put-together-show. 

The set-up was aided by the fact I'd been to the venue a couple of weeks ago for the cancelled 'with Phil Kay' gig. This enabled me to streamline the equipment I took, making my journey comparatively luxurious. I still got a taxi from King's Cross, as this was far easier than wrestling with the tube. Despite the simple route in and a straightforward set-up, I still got a little stressed, through doing it on my own; at which point my wife arrived (with a few of the props I couldnt manage) and helped do the last few bits and pieces, while I popped out to get some food, meditate and put my brain into some semblance of order for the show. 

While the majority of tonight felt pretty slick, there are still a few things I'd like / need to fix. I'm a little concerned that some of the material on racism could be misconstrued. There's a definite change in tone that I'd like to address, though I think it's more of a case of framing the stories more carefully so the detail is clear. I look forward to fixing this in rehearsals (he said ironically). 

I shared the bill with Sam Fletcher, who's a lovely guy and a joy to watch. His show is full of glorious stuff; check It out, Y'all. I'm not sure why I'm affecting a Texas drawl; probably because it's late. 

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