Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Channelling Ted Glen.

Today has been about logistics. 

It's now exactly a week to the day that I travel up to Edinburgh. This decampment has snuck up on me like a...thing that sneaks up on you...a velocirapter? That'll do. 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I'm coming up against is how to get everything I need to Scotland when I'm travelling alone. In the past, I've always gone up in a hired vehicle with Glyn, with the boot and backseat packed to the hilt with luggage and equipment. That's not an option this time, as I don't drive. Consequently, I'm trying to streamline the amount of stuff I take with me, while aware that there are certain things that have to get there; by hand or by courier; by hook or by crook.

It doesn't help that the space I'm in doesn't have a projector and screen rigged. Last week, I ordered a new projector as ours finally gave up the ghost at my preview at The George, after eight years of good service. The new one made its debut at last week's Mostly Comedys to a proverbial standing ovation from Glyn and me. Today, I ordered a new screen, as our touring one has long been falling apart. I now have to hope that it arrives in Hitchin when it's due (on Friday), so I can check it works and ship it to Scotland for next week. 

I've also been chasing up press admin, which is something I'd sooner not be doing at the eleventh hour, when I should be working on the show. All my plans to use the last few gigless days to finetune the show have gone for nothing, thanks to all this last-minute organisation. On top of this, I'm waiting for an advert I submitted a few days ago asking for flyerers to go live, so I can employ someone to do this for me. None of these things make me funnier, but if they make my time in Edinburgh less stressful and more productive, it will be worth it. I wonder if I can have the end of my show written by algorithm?

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