Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sunday Stuff.

Some days don't bear much reporting, when you write a daily blog. 

That's not to say that I haven't done anything. On the contrary, I've managed to fit quite a bit in; from going out for breakfast with my wife to doing our standard Sunday afternoon trip to Wilkinson (I refuse to call them 'Wilko', however much rebranding they do). It just doesn't make for an particularly interesting blog post, when you're feeling otherwise uninspired to come up with something funny and / or interesting; life can't be thrills all the time; we all have to go through the rigmarole of everyday existence. 

It wasn't just food  and convenience store-style shopping that filled today's events; I also did a spot of cat-sitting for a neighbour, and spent an eon trying to edit some graphics to promote a preview I've booked in at the end of the month. It's actually been a bit of a booking day, in that I managed to confirm two more previews, with another in the pipeline; this is a far more promising situation than I found myself in towards the end of last week. This is good, as Edinburgh is drawing ever closer, and the more time I have to try the show out and hone it, the better

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