Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jazzy Blast From the Past.

The Film Night Theme has been the underscore of my day. 

I downloaded it this afternoon to use as the soundtrack to a new bit I was thinking of adding to tomorrow's preview, and it only took one listen for it to take root in my head. Even as I watched an old episode of The X Files tonight, its jaunty jazz piano strains completely usurped the programme's moody synth strings. I almost expected Barry Norman's voice to strike up over it, offering Mulder & Scully a critique. 

While I could do without the earworm, trying out the piece of material it underscores gave the rushed run I did at the end of the day a bit of a jolt that saw me through to the end. Again, it's been a day where endless admin overshadowed the meat and potatoes of actual show-prep. 

This afternoon, I went to look at the space where I'm doing my final preview in Letchworth on Friday. It's an intimate room that should work well, keeping things pleasingly low-key. I just hope I get an audience. Sales have been slow, though this wasn't helped by the fact the ticket link wasn't on the venue's website until Monday; with me, there always a spanner in the works. Before that, I have tomorrow's free show in London to contend with. Sam Fletcher's also on the bill, previewing his Edinburgh show, which I'm looking forward to seeing. You should come yourself; two comics for the price of none is not to be sniffed at.  


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