Monday, 11 July 2016

University Challenged 2016/17: Volume 1 (11.07.16)

Tonight saw, without fanfare, the return of BBC2’s Quizzy Monday.

I, for one, had no idea it was coming back yet; if it weren’t for a phone call from my wife’s mum about it, I would have missed it entirely, and consequently been very angry about it. Instead I got to watch it and be angered by that instead.

Sheffield Vs. Bristol (11.07.16).

See below for this week’s low-level unpleasantness, as tweeted by me during the show. Some of it won’t make much sense if you didn’t watch the programme, but you should get the gist of it.

I’m sorry for being such a bitch.

8:03pm: Paxman: is that a wig?

8:04pm: Paxman's hair. So soft.
Fluffy Paxman.

8:07pm: Rolleston, pulling a classic #UniversityChallenge 'I think I know the answer to that one' face, when he doesn't.

8:08pm: "No, that's John Fas-HA-nu."

8:10pm: Clarke's got a face on her.

8:11pm: Rolleston: the village Cun-stable.

8:12pm: Pemberton. CHIN.

8:13pm: Paxman borrowed tonight's hairstyle from an old woman he walked past on the way to the studio.

8:16pm: Tomsett's channelling Roofi from The Simpsons.

8:20pm: Paxman's hair suggests his journey to the recording incorporated passing through a particularly tricky hedge.

8:20pm: Tomsett's hair is mostly guinea pig.

8:22pm: Sheffield's Cotton's underwear is made of.

8:25pm: Scapula: 80s cartoon, voiced by David Jason.

8:27pm: Cotton: this week's murderer.

8:30pm: Disdainful look on Clarke's face, because Paxman promised to call but never did.

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