Monday, 18 July 2016

King of the Swingers.

While the downside of tonight was having to cancel my preview at The Etcetera Theatre, at least I had a go on King's Cross' massively oversized swing. 
Who cares that the 'show that wasn't' cost £200 at a conservative estimate. It doesn't matter that each preview that doesn't happen makes me marginally less prepared for my Edinburgh Fringe run. Tonight, I got to do my best impression of a human pendulum in front of scores of frustrated commuters, held back by severe delays; for a moment I was King of the World. It took every ounce of self control to resist the urge to leap from it mid-swing, holding out my arms like an Olympic gymnast. I've half a mind to find more enormous playground rides and have a go on them.
Setting up for tonight.
In reality, cancelling tonight was hugely frustrating; not least because I had to book and pay for an emergency technician to step in to run my show, as I didn't think my wife would be able to get there on time from work to do it. The Etcetera's a room that's perfect for my stuff, but it's no good without an audience to watch it. I did have one friend come along, but you can't perform stand-up one-on-one. I should have invited him back to King's Cross with me; at least then he could have given me a push.

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