Saturday, 23 July 2016

You and You and Me.

Tonight, I previewed my Edinburgh show to two people; well, three if you count my wife, who's already seen it enough to be my understudy.

Thankfully they were a nice couple, who didn't seem too intimidated by the prospect of being eyeballed by a comic for an hour. I'd usually not perform to less than five or six, or more than one group at the very least - any less and it switches from a performance to a hostage situation - but I've cancelled so many previews in the past few weeks, that I wasn't going to let the chance to do a proper run pass me by; particularly after carrying all the necessary gear to London to do it. 

The lead-up to the show was all kinds of disastrous. Before leaving Hitchin, I discovered that the screw thread of the hole on the base of mine and Glyn's new projector is smaller than the screw you use to attach it to our tripod, rendering the tripod useless. I had an hour to get to Argos to buy a new one (which didn't fit either) and then phone my friend Paul to ask I'd I could borrow the new (and hefty) projector stand he'd bought for Mostly Comedy, and pick it up from the venue. This put paid to rehearsing the show before I left for London. I went to wash my hands on the way out of the office; squirting soap on them before realising the water supply had been switched off because of a leak; such is the life and times of an Ephgrave. 

Thankfully, the show was useful. I could do with more previews than the two I have left, but at least I have a few days to tweak the material before the next show on Thursday. I'd like it to be as tight as possible for Friday's final gig before I leave for rainy Scotland. Fingers crossed. 

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