Saturday, 16 July 2016

Old Haunts, New Material.

Tonight's preview was very useful. 

It felt bizarre to be back in a space I knew so intimately, after so long. Tonight's venue was The George in Hitchin, which was where Mostly Comedy started life back in October of 2008. While I'd only been in their upstairs room once since our final gig there in July 2010, in many ways it was like I'd never been away. The moment I had my biggest flashback, strangely, was when I went to the loo; as I stood in the cubicle I remembered the countless times I'd hidden there before shows, frantically going over whatever the Hell I was about to talk about. Happy memories. 

The show went well, with a small yet nice crowd who weren't perturbed in the face of an hour of work-in-progress, despite being reasonably well-lit themselves and being eyeballed by me throughout. My one mistake was getting repeatedly drawn into conversation with a man in the front row, who I could never quite tell was enjoying the show or not. He kept reacting animatedly, which I used, forgetting the rest of the audience couldn't see his face. It was funny at first, but I would probably have been better served if I'd let it go a little earlier in the show. 

Over all, things start are starting to flow; something both Glyn and our In Your Inner Ear co-host Stephen attested to, despite any of my misgivings. The end's a little sketchy at the moment, but it's starting to take shape. I know the route it needs to go. The string of previews ahead should help this solidify. All in all, it was a good night. 

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