Monday, 6 February 2017

Writing and Cats.

(I should prefigure this blogpost with the fact that I’m falling asleep, so if I lapse into incoherence, or perhaps never finish it, that’ll be why.)

Today, I popped into the office briefly to talk through a couple of ideas for a little bit of new stand-up. I particularly like going in there of a weekend, as I can talk aloud without fear of being overheard and sounding weird.

It was nice to make a start at something new, as I I need to get on with this. I’m doing a couple of gigs this week - which are for the most part new material nights - so it would be nice to get a few lines up-to-speed enough to try them out. Admittedly, my new show may not go as far down the route of straight stand-up as my previous solo stuff (I’m thinking of using the projector more extensively), but it’s still worth chucking a few ideas about to see if they have legs.

(...a confusing image.)

I recorded my ramblings on my phone, using the Evernote app; briefly returning to them as couple of hours later, to see what I thought. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure if I was going too far down a vulgar route, but I think that was mainly due to listening back through tiredness. I briefly mentioned the subject matter to my wife when I got home, and she didn’t think I had anything to worry about, so I’ll probably look it again over the next few days. I’m gigging tomorrow night, doing a very short spot at a club in London that I haven’t been to before so I doubt I’ll have time to fiddle with it before that, as I’ve got a lot on tomorrow, but with a bit of luck, I’ll iron it out into something more cogent and funny; I won’t rush at it too much if I haven’t got time to do it justice.

I listened back to it while at a friend’s flat for whom I’m cat-sitting at the moment. I look after her cat regularly when she goes away; she’s a sweetie (the cat, not the friend). I hadn’t intended to stay with her as long as I did today, but I wound up trapped and forced into a cuddle; those felines know what they're doing. Still, it made for a relaxing hour or so. In fact, I’m under another cat now as I write this, though this time, it’s my own; my life is like that ‘never more than six feet away from a rat' adage, but for a single letter substitution.

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