Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Arsenal Adventures.

Tonight, I caught the train to Finsbury Park to talk to a pubful of people about Noel Edmonds and gloryholes - which are one and the same thing - before catching the train home again, to sit on a sofa with a cat on my lap and write this.

The gig was fun; one of the most enjoyable I’ve had so far this year. There was a sense of finally getting back on the horse after what’s been a slow and uncertain start to 2017 as regards confidence and direction; finally, I’m beginning to find faith again, and am enjoying talking to an audience about something new; the fact the content is starting to be well-received gives me the push to work on more.

Before I forge too far ahead, I've still got my last performance of Mostly David Ephgrave to go, at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Saturday. I’m looking forward to this too; it will be nice to give it a final airing and then draw a line under it for a while; I’m going to treat it like the last day of term and have fun with it.

I'll do my best not to overcook it before then. I did a run on Sunday and a run today, then I’ll do a couple on Thursday and then leave it until the day. It’s a fine line between reminding yourself of how it goes and going through the motions. I don’t want to be searching to remember the content, nor do I want to be saying the words without connecting to them. Either way, it’s nice when - like today - it’s pretty much all in my head and feels slick. That’s the benefit of having done it so many times in Edinburgh; you can’t beat having that many gigs in quick succession for making you feel match fit. I’m looking forward to when I feel the same about the next show...though this is likely to be some way off.

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