Friday, 24 February 2017

Quick, Before I Fall Asleep.

This morning, Glyn, Glyn’s son Max and I went to the Broadway Cinema and Theatre in Letchworth, to have a look at the auditorium ahead of next Thursday’s Mostly Comedy and to check a couple of technical things for it.

It’s fair to say they’ve done a good job transforming what was once just a cinema screen to a functioning theatre, with a stage, wing space and dressing rooms, by extending the back of the building to create more depth. It will be a good night, what with an excellent line-up (Arthur Smith and Norman Lovett) and more material than usual from us. It should look very smart; the main techie point we wanted to check today was whether the in-house projection would be suitable to run our slide show on. It turns out it is; with the right lighting, it should make for a slicker, more high-end version of the usual club night, with more of a sense of a show to it. It’s just a shame that the local papers either haven’t given the event any coverage at all (in the case of The Comet), or ran the article a few days too late, meaning it won’t make the physical copy until the day before the event, which is not much of a turnaround for people to book.

I’m disappointed that The Comet didn’t run anything; I thought the fact an eight year-running Hitchin comedy club that’s gradually grown over time - playing host to some of the biggest acts on the scene - was doing a special gala version of the club in a new theatre in Letchworth might constitute news. Sadly, no-one there is joining up the dots to take on board the bigger picture. Despite the level of comics we bring to the area and how long we’ve worked in Hitchin and its environs putting on everything from actor / muso songs to comedy plays, nobody in the local press seems willing or aware of what we’ve done and how to frame it. It’s a shame, as the amount of sold out Mostly Comedys we have in recent months mean people regularly miss out through not knowing about it; I find it a little irritating that people will arrive at the Sun -or in this case The Broadway - unaware of what’s going on in the Ballroom or who’s appearing; this has never happened, which is ridiulcous, as just a little forethought would have meant I’d capitause

This afternoon, I ran my show for Leicester tomorrow and packed my props cases so their ready to go. I think I’ve got everything i need in the Suitcase etc. I just have to remember it all tomorrow. I think I can do that; if you're in the area, come and see me then.

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