Friday, 24 February 2017

Preporatory. Prep.

Much of today was split between meetings to discuss next Thursday’s Letchworth Mostly and doing some preparatory work for my show in Leicester on Saturday.

The meetings were useful, as they allowed Glyn and I to discuss what we’ll be doing performance-wise during the show, and to solve a couple of technical issues that we hadn’t had time to properly discuss yet. We then met a second time in the evening with our techie assistant Paul to let him know what his role will be next week, when he’ll essentially Company Manager the show.

The only sticking point were the are a couple of technical issues we won’t be able to check until we see the space, which we’d hoped to have done before we’d passed information on to Paul. We’re now going there tomorrow morning, when hopefully we’ll be able to quickly check the reliability of the connection to their projector, which if there are any problems with it - as has been suggested by email - we can’t do the show. We’ll save that drama for another day.

This afternoon, I ran my show, factoring in a slight lack of time as I had to pick up my dad from the hospital in the midst of it. It went pretty well, which is heartening for Saturday; now I just need to get my head around the logistics for the day; I should have time to go over all of this tomorrow, after our meeting at the Broadway.

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