Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Forget About it.

One way to try to make your life more pleasant is to let things go.

While I try not to let the same negative points play on my mind time and again, it’s easy to forget this. It’s the bad stuff that’s always the worst, as it can hit you with the same force every time you think of it; however much you feel you’ve resolved something in your mind and moved on, if you’re at a low ebb, it can come right back to the surface, creating the same irritations and upset it created the first time around.

I talked yesterday about my general dislike for Facebook. My biggest problem with it is how it can be an instant reminder of things I don’t like, or I thought I’d forgotten. Only tonight, I logged into it to see a writing season that Glyn and I used to run being promoted in our absence and it needled me. “Why did they never appreciate the work we did?” I thought, which led to “Why does no-one take any interest or help me with the work I’m doing now?”

All it took to bring this up was a single promotional post. Then, just as I was getting annoyed - mostly unreasonably - I caught sight of myself and realised what I was doing. It was petty and none of it mattered, so why go over that same ground again; just keep looking ahead.

While it might be a dirty word to some, I use mindfulness a lot. It helps you connect more with the real world. It even works in these random emotive situations like the one above. I’ve always been a thinker, so it’s nice for a while to forget about that and just concentrate on what's happening in my mind and body right now; it can do wonders for anxiety.

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