Friday, 3 February 2017

No Turning Back.

Yesterday, I put down the deposit for my Edinburgh digs, thus setting in stone the fact I’m doing the Fringe Festival solo for the second year running.

I’ve known with a degree of certainty for a week or so, though if I’m honest, it was highly unlikely I wouldn’t have gone again. I’d feel I was losing a year if I didn’t, and while in an ideal world Doggett & Ephgrave would be there too, with me doing a solo show as a less pressured side project, that isn’t feasible at the moment; I may as well wave our flag in the meantime, and keep a hand in for both of us.

The good thing is, I’ve engendered it so most of the stuff that worked for me last time will be the same again; I’ve booked the same flat I stayed in last year, and the same venue at the same time slot. I considered opting for a later start-time, but on balance, I’m not sure I would have gained a lot for the increased cost; I’d sooner spend the money on good PR and flyerers (who did sterling work last time), than do a marginally later show at a considerable price increase. I also benefited heavily from being first in the space last year; with a bit of luck that'll be the same this time too, and I won’t have to race to get my tech gear set up.

Now, the only thing I need to do is start writing the show, which inevitably, I haven’t had much chance to do yet. I’ve got some ideas about the route I'd like to take though, so as soon as I get most of the admin done, I'll knuckle down at it. I’ve got work-in-progress dates in Hitchin, Bath and Brighton in the diary already too, so that should give me plenty of time to try stuff out. Worst case scenario, I’ll find a ghost-writer; I’d ask Ewan MacGregor to do it, though if I do, Piers Morgan won’t be impressed.


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