Saturday, 4 February 2017

University Challenged: Volume Twenty-two (30.01.17)

Unfortunately, I missed this week’s University Challenge when it went out as I was out myself, gigging.

I couldn’t not (double negative) cover the show, however; not when Bobby Seagull was one of the contestants. He regularly ribs me on Twitter if don’t tweet anything about it, though this time, he must have been furious as he didn't even bother. So this is for you, Bobby Sea. Please, forgive me; I know not what I (didn’t) do.

Warwick Vs. Emmanuel - Cambridge (30.01.17)
8:00pm: I like to think the ringing double-bass note in the #UniversityChallenge theme tune is plucked by Roger Tiling, while Paxo holds the instrument. 

8:01pm: Don't mention the sling. 

8:01pm: Van's voice sounds like it comes from behind him. 

8:02pm: "Let's just get on with it". Paxman has somewhere to be.

8:03pm: " Why don't you all f-f-five pence away?" 

8:03pm: GO Rudd, with your "...stan" knowledge. Impressive stuff. 

8:05pm: Is Hobbs having the answers radioed to her via her sling?

8:07pm: Cosy-jumpered Van. 

8:07pm: Or is Hobbs using the sling as a "I knew the answers, I just couldn't press the button" excuse?

8:09pm: Seagull looks like he's turning to his mascot for the answers. 

8:11pm: YOU'RE a communist. 

8:12pm: I like Cambridge's getting-an-answer-wrong sigh.

8:13pm: That last question was just a noise. 

8:14pm: Seagull looks disgusted at the thought of Ballet.

8:15pm: Enjoying Rudd's pizzicato head-banging. 

8:19pm: I got Dali right, though it was pretty obvious. 

8:22pm: Barton-Singer: Sex (Sewing) Machine. 

8:26pm: Hill's hair looks like a fibre-optic ornament. 

8:27pm: You should be sorry, Hill. YOU SHOULD BE SORRY. 

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