Tuesday, 14 February 2017

University Challenged: Volume Twenty-Four (13.02.17).

Tonight’s episode of University Challenge was the first I’d seen as it went out in weeks.

In the interim, every time I’ve missed the show, I’ve covered it here after the event, in a ‘see what I would have tweeted’ stylie. While this suits my OCD to a point, it’s never quite the same feeling of spontaneity I get when tweeting along with the show , as there’s something less - dare I say it - exciting about it. There’s no sense of opening a dialogue when you’re just writing it on Word to please yourself; it’s nice to have the Internet to bounce off of.

See below for tonight’s Tweets; brace yourself for the inevitable thrill.

Emmanuel - Cambridge Vs. Corpus Christi - Oxford (13.02.17).
8:01pm: Paxman looks weary. Oh so weary.

8:03pm: Tom Hill's borrowed Joe Brown's hair for the evening.

8:03pm: Homer's Odyssey: D'oh.

8:05pm: Venkatesh's smile is reminiscent of an unrepentant Bates.

8:07pm: Plug in Cambridge Hill and his hair does this.

8:08pm: Is Johnson double-deniming? PLACE YOUR BETS.

8:11pm: At the end, I'd like Seagull & Wright to switch rugby tops (presuming they're rugby tops; I'm out of my depth).

8:12pm: Do you think Fleet services?

8:13pm: Cambridge are displaying a mascot overload.

8:15pm: After tonight, Joe Brown will initiate paternity proceedings over Hill.

8:17pm: Jeremy Paxman's tie: because grey and floral are synonymous.

8:20pm: Idea for a remake of The Ipcress File with Fleet as Harry Palmer.

8:22pm: Barton-Singer could trade places with a young George Harrison.

8:25pm: It might be the angle, but Cambs seem to have a glass of water between them (turns to @Bobby_Seagull for verification).

8:26pm: Big ole beak on Oxford's mascot.

8:27pm: "Fee, Fi, Filo, Fum..."

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