Friday, 10 February 2017


It’s with some small degree of relief that I can say I managed to get some writing done today.

There was a point when I thought I might not get started. I find if I haven’t got things going by mid-afternoon, I may as well not bother. Strangely for me, creativity works best early in the day, when ideas feel fresh. It doesn’t take long for my brain to get tired and for sluggishness to creep in, plus if I’m edging close to the point when my wife comes home, a self-imposed countdown goes off in my head, and I feel I haven’t got time to make much of a dent on things before she gets back; it’s nice to have the evening free, and not be thinking about work.

I knew all I really needed was some time to sift through my blog for kicking-off points for material, and today I was proved right. I still wound up starting later that I would have liked, but despite this, I managed to make a dent on a couple of things that feel worthy of pursuing, which also scope for linking to some other little ideas. It was nice to approach them without a sense of rush, which never seems to be the case of late; the set I performed at Touching Cloth on Wednesday, for example, was mostly put together that day, with little time for me to learn or polish it. The gig was still useful and I’m glad I persisted with what I’d written, but it would be nice to not waste nervous energy on whether I’ll remember the content and give it my best; all it needed was a tiny bit more time for things to settle and be seen through a little further.

My afternoon was also nice for the fact most of the work was done with my cat sat on my lap. I decided to work from home today as the Wi-Fi connection hasn’t been working at the office of late, and while I don’t always find being at home conducive to good results, it was good to spend the day in comfort and not feel rushed. Hopefully, I can continue in this way next week and get some more stuff sketched out; it’s exciting when you have some sense of the route ahead.

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