Tuesday, 7 February 2017

University Challenged: Volume Twenty-Three (06:02:17)

Yesterday saw another quarter-final University Challenge that I missed because I was gigging.

As with previous instances, I’m not prepared to let such a minor detail prevent me from covering the episode in an almost-live tweetathon (only without the live-ness or the use of Twitter). See below for my thought’s on last night’s show (which are best enjoyed when read whilst watching the programme on iPlayer, Betamax, a What the Butler Saw machine...or something like that).

Edinburgh Vs. Birmingham (06:02:17)

8:00pm: Dale looks like he's wearing a Jim'll Fix it Medal. 

8:01pm:: Of course Boyle's from Brighton. OF COURSE. 

8:02pm: Sutherland would cut yer. 

8:03pm: The Greenlees Grass of Home. 

8:03pm: Sutherland remembers Lloyd-George first time around. 

8:04pm: Rouse is Sutherland's murder accomplice. 

8:05pm: Dale looks like he's competing in athletics. 

8:05pm Edinburgh's Smith is the poor man's Billy Idol. 

8:07pm: Boyle is more hair than face. 

8:10pm: I mean this in the nicest possible way, but there's a vague air of Andrew Lloyd-Webber about Edinburgh's Goddard. 

8:12pm: Tonight's teams are too big for any of that mascot shit. 

8:14pm: Bruce Springsteen. 

8:15pm: Turner Tina. 

8:15pm: Sarfunkel and Gimon. 

8:15pm: As an addendum: how could they not recognise Nutbush City Limits?

8:19pm: "Larger than a Margate, smaller than a Jaguar."

8:20pm; The green man in the painting looks like Rory McGrath. 

8:21pm: Boyle's having a lovely day. 

8:22pm: Greenlees fringe is impossibly short. 

8:24pm: If Boyle doesn't own any Pink Floyd albums, I'll eat my hat. 

8:27pm: Pastry: finally a topic I can relate to. 

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