Monday, 20 February 2017

'University Challenged: Volume Twenty-five (20.02.17)

Tonight’s University Challenge had a nail-biting, close-to-the-wire finish, with Bristol being pipped to the post by a last-minute right answer from Warwick, which turned the final scores on their head.

As ever, I covered tonight's events on social media. See below for tonight’s Twitter critique: 

Warwick Vs. Bristol (20.02.17)

8:03pm: I'd rather watch the #UniversityChallenge quarter finals than the first leg of the fifth round of the FA Cup.

8:04pm: To give you an idea of the UC filming schedule, Hobbs arm hasn't had time to heal yet.

8:04pm: Alice Clarke feels disdain, disdain, disdain, disdain, DISDAIN.

8:06pm: Van's surname is also his preferred method of kidnap.

8:07pm: Van's comfy jumper (name for a prog band).

8:10pm: Everything withers in the spotlight of Bristol Clarke's disdainful glare.

8:12pm: Rolleston's name is also his preferred deodorant applicant.

8:14pm: Idea for a musical adaptation of Monster's Inc. with Van in the role of Sully.

8:18pm: Clarke's preferred study soundtrack is Radiohead's Exit Music (For a Film). 

8:18pm: It's bloody Roxy Music, for Chrissakes.

8:20pm: It's fucking Elvis Costello, for fuck's sake.

8:22pm: We've all fought an inconclusive duel in Putney.

8:23pm: How can they do a round on duels and not mention Prince George and the Duke of Wellington's in Blackadder III?

8:26pm: Tonight's #UniversityChallenge music round was a brief play into my court before reinstating me to my usual level of ignorance.

8:27pm: "The clan McAdder".

8:29pm: Roger Tilling bloody loves his job.

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