Sunday, 26 February 2017

"Bye Bye, Mostly David Ephgrave, Mostly David Ephgrave, Bye Bye."

Tonight, I ‘Mostly David Ephgraved’ for the final time at the Leicester Comedy Festival, at the lovely Lightbox venue at Grays@LCB Depot. 

Me, being aggressive at tonight's show.
This was my third visit to the festival, but my first time on my own. Every year I came with Glyn (and tonight as well) I had a great time; something about the way the festival works - with most comics only doing one show - means the competition is evenly spread, so nearly everyone gets the luxury of an audience. When I arrived at the venue tonight, the guy who ran it apologised for the lack of punters (saying how much busier it had been for the rest of the festival), but when it came to it, he needn’t have worried; a few minutes before 8pm, lo and behold, a load of people arrived, which was great as comedy works best with an audience.

The gig was fun one. I was conscious of the heat and the fact people began to look a little tired towards the end, but it zipped by at a lick, with enough off-the-cuff bits to keep things interesting. It was a good way to give the show a final send-off. It helped that the space was comfortable for both the audience and me. It had good sound and a good tech set-up, including a rigged projector that threw a huge image (is this the correct terminology?); it’s great when the pictures are big as it makes the finickity details a lot funnier.

After the show, my wife and I went for a ridiculously lovely meal at a Wagamama, which was a good way to round the evening off; a night that happens to be our twelfth anniversary; what better way is there to spend such an occasion than driving to Leicester to spend the night in a Travelodge? Being with me is like living the dream. 

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