Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lovely Bubbly.

I had a lovely time gigging at Comedy Bubble in Shoreham-by-Sea tonight, except for the moment I dropped my phone down the toilet.

Pulling a face in a place (01.02.17)
There were good and bad points to this particular little accident. Well, “good” is pushing it a bit; more in the sense that things could have been worse. Thankfully, I managed to retrieve my mobile before it was completely submerged, but - and here’s the horrific bit - let’s just say it went underwater before certain things had been sent to the coast (which is a confusing image, as I was by the seaside at the time of the incident).

(I’m sorry about this.)

Before I move on from this topic, I feel it necessary to point out that we’re not talking number twos, thank God; either way, it was the sort of status-lowerer I didn’t need in a public place.

The gig itself, though, was great. I was on first, and unfortunately had to dash off straight after my set to aid my journey back, but I actively enjoyed myself. The venue was an artsy café packed with people who were clearly up for a good time - and while some of my more risqué material was perhaps a little too much for some (it’s hard to mime inserting a champagne bottle into an unmentionable orifice whilst affluent-looking families and work dos eat their dinner around you), I felt like people enjoyed what I did. It was a much-needed boost for me; wet phone, or no wet phone.

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