Monday, 27 February 2017

'University Challenged: Volume Twenty-six (27.02.17)

What else can be said about tonight’s University Challenge other than “MONKMAN WAS BACK”?

This manic perplexed-eyed man is the gift that keeps giving; even he appears to not quite believe he’s a person himself. I found myself laughing nearly every time he spoke which I’m aware isn’t pleasant, but his timing is extraordinary; if I were a TV producer, I’d sign him up for a twenty-six part series without even considering the content; just hearing him read from the dictionary would be enough.

See below for my Twtter coverage of tonight; every time I say Monkman, feel free to pour yourself with a drink.
Edinburgh Vs. Wolfson - Cambridge (27.02.17

8:02pm: Boyle should be in team Wolfson, as he looks like the son of a Wolf.

8:03pm: I liked Boyle's dramatic turn to the camera before he said his name.

8:03pm: MONKMAN!

8:04pm: Monkman gets a rat to knaw at his fringe in lieu of a haircut.

8:06pm: Monkman should use his inside voice.

8:07pm: Cosgrove's sinister stare.

8:10pm: Monkman last washed his hair in the late Nineties.

8:11pm: Is that Boyle's hand on his chest or someone else's?

8:12pm: Monkman looks like he confuses himself.

8:12pm: If Boyle doesn't own a copy of Dark Side of the Moon, I'll eat my own hat.

8:15pm: Boyle and Monkman somehow embody every possible #UniversityChallenge contestant eccentricity between them.

8:16pm: Monkman was raised in a cellar.

8:17pm: Boyle smells of musty hair and old vinyl.

8:18pm: If Wolfson don't catch up soon, WE'LL LOSE MONKMAN.

8:20pm: I shouldn't laugh every time Monkman speaks. This has to stop.

8:21pm: Boyle's hair grows while-u-wait.

8:21pm: Boyle owns a Wal five-string bass.

8:22pm: Edinburgh Smith looks like what would happen if Billy Idol swallowed one of the Proclaimers.

8:24pm: Chaudhri is powered my smug.

8:27pm: Yang looks like Mac from Mac and Me.

8:28pm: Smith's glorious 'got-an-answer-right-so-I'll-celebrate-with-a-sip-of-my-water' face.

8:30pm: TONIGHT'S #UniversityChallenge was beautiful.

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